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What is SYNG?

SYNG is like grep but for JavaScript source code: it searches files for a statement, like a function call with specific arguments, based on syntax rather than text. Or, based on structure rather than format.

SYNG is written in Rust to provide very fast search for both JavaScript and TypeScript source code.

Searching at the syntax level is far more reliable when you consider the myriad ways one could write and format statements. And because it's fast, SYNG is a practical everyday tool to find answers that would otherwise require writing elaborate static analysis programs. It can be an excellent complement to your basic text search tool.

This manual walks you through the various constructs that comprise JavaScript programs and how to use SYNG to select them. Even if you have no prior knowledge in compiler programming and Abstract Syntax Trees, or in the design of the JavaScript language, you can still query your source-code and find answers.

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